People are seeking for methods to alter their work habits and lifestyle in response to the new trend of working from home. It is now more important than ever to update indoor rooms and restore outdoor areas so that they are both visually beautiful and comfortable. Discover some of the most recent Wicker and plastic rattan outdoor furniture design concepts as of right now.

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 1. Trends for Minimalist Interiors

This fashion movement, which got its start a few years ago, continues to appeal to people who like the simple and totally practical decor. Wicker and plastic rattan outdoor furniture pieces have simple designs and a few intricate textures. Round and square forms are the most common in design. The majority of the colors utilized in minimalist designs are light and neutral. Some items, such as cushions, beds, or flower pots, are frequently paired while designing a place in order to provide extra accents.


2. The preference for comfort

In order to enjoy the most comfortable relaxing time outdoors, outdoor interior designers began to pay attention to the user experience in addition to the aesthetics of the space. The couches are designed with larger armrests to allow for cups and snacks while relaxing outdoors. Outdoor furniture begins to consider designs with cushions, backrests included or easily removed.

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3. Trend toward multifunctional furniture

Multi-purpose outdoor interior design has been increasingly fashionable in recent years. Wicker and synthetic rattan outdoor furniture have the benefit of being portable, which, when paired with clever design, makes it simpler to update the outside area.

A sofa with removable sections that users may combine into a bench or split into individual seats depending on the occasion or personal taste is quite popular. Or, as is the case with many individuals, especially now that working from home is popular, a long outdoor dining table for a big family may be converted into the ideal outdoor workplace. similar to now. Rattan wicker furniture in a contemporary outdoor space.4 FRESH OUTDOOR FURNITURE DESIGN CONCEPTS FOR SYNTHETIC RATTAN AND WICKER FURNITURE

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4. The trend of using materials brings flexibility to the product

The use of materials in fashion makes products more adaptable.

While requiring materials with a certain level of durability, outdoor furniture also has to be aesthetically pleasing and mobile-friendly. Therefore, natural and PE rattan mixed with wood, iron, aluminum, metal, or glass is frequently used in outdoor interior designs.

This material’s use in outdoor furniture goods gives homeowners access to more economical and diversified design possibilities. These goods are more popular than other typical pure materials like wood, aluminum, and metal since they are very convenient to move around and arrange in outdoor spaces.

Natural rattan materials are blended with metal, wood, and plastic materials in the An Loc Outdoor Furniture line to create a variety of products that are appropriate for various modern design trends.


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