How to scan a QR Code from a picture in the gallery

Given how well-established QR Codes are in communication and marketing, marketers like you and me want to see them on nearly everything, including websites.

The question of “how will users scan the BEE QR Codes on the same mobile device they are browsing on” is one of the restrictions on using it on websites and campaign landing pages.

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That’s not a limitation anymore!

This situation isn’t limited to QR Codes on websites; you may also have a QR Code at an airport, restaurant, or subway that you want customers to scan with their phones so they can use it later for a picture.

This is an excellent approach to encourage repeat business, offer a coupon off your next purchase, or simply provide current information.

It only takes two easy steps to get customers to use QR Codes on a mobile device:

How to scan a QR Code from a picture in the gallery

Encourage consumers to snap a picture of the mobile landing page. Scan the QR Code from the image in Google Photos or the gallery on your smartphone. Scan QR Codes from photos in the gallery with ease is now possible on both iOS and Android devices. To achieve it, you don’t need any other apps!

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Scan BEE QR Code from a photo on iOS devices

In response to the increased demand for QR Codes, Apple has introduced a number of advances in recent years. One noteworthy one is live text and visual look-up, which allows users to scan QR Codes in photographs.

How to scan a QR Code from a picture in the gallery

Here’s how to do it

  • Access the image/screen grab from your phone’s gallery.
  • In the lower right corner, click the live text detection button.
  • After you click the QR Code and adhere to the warning,
  • Android device users can scan a BEE QR Code from a picture. Google’s image recognition technology makes it very easy to scan QR Codes from
  • photos. Google Assistant, Google Photos, and the Google app all come with this feature.

This is how you do it:

  • Launch the camera app and select Google Assistant mode.
  • Choose the image from the collection.
  • It instantly scans the QR Code. Observe the instruction. Use this link to create your own QR code: //

>>> Use this link to create your own QR code://